The Recent Story of The Store and the new Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association

The historic Store at Five Corners had been known as one of the longest continuously operating businesses in the United States – dating back over 200 years – until a prior owner closed its doors during the summer of 2020.

Without the community’s stepping up to purchase this historic property and protect the Store, this beloved local gathering spot could have been neglected or even torn down entirely.

In late 2021, several local residents came together and created a new non-profit organization: The Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association, committed to purchasing, preserving, and reviving The Store at Five Corners.

Upon completing the first phase of an extensive fundraising effort, the Stewardship Association purchased the Store on January 27, 2022 at a price of $400,000. The Association then set to work on several high-priority projects, such as pouring a concrete floor in the basement, installing a new handicapped access ramp and door openers, adding fire and security alarm systems, repairing the roof, preserving the wood floors, and making energy-saving improvements to the building’s infrastructure.

The Stewardship Association also conducted a search for a qualified operator to lease the property and to operate the Store’s market and cafe as their own independent business. Experienced chef Corey Wentworth has taken this helm, and as of August 16, 2022, Corey has reopened the Store for business!

Under Corey’s able leadership and vision, the Store has once again become a vibrant gathering place – offering breakfast, pastries, coffee, sandwiches, salads, grab-and-go meals, and groceries in a warm, historic setting with a lovely glass-enclosed seating area. The Store is open Tuesday through Sunday every week. The Store is also becoming a venue for small concerts and a showcase for local artists. You can find out more about the Store’s operations and menu on their website at

The Stewardship Association has a dedicated Board of Directors, all from the local community, who will continue working to enhance the Store and to leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy. The Association will also provide updates on its progress with Store improvements and its need for further resources to complete ongoing projects.

Thanks for visiting our website. While your hear you can learn more about the Stewardship Association, contact us or join our mailing list for updates or make a donation.

We hope you’ll agree with one of our community members, that “this local grass-roots effort is truly inspiring!

The Board of Directors of the Stewardship Association is deeply grateful for the community’s generous support – and is very excited about the Store’s promising future!

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257 Years Young – Photos and Stories of the Store at Five Corners

On Sunday, March 3rd, 3:00pm to 5:00pm, the Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association will host a free event, “257 Years Young – Photos and Stories of the Store at Five Corners,” at the Store, 4 New Ashford Road, Williamstown.
All are welcome to this FREE event
Stop by during the event to see early photos and an 1876 map, hear about the new exhibit, and enjoy light refreshments provided by chef Corey Wentworth, operator of the Store at Five Corners.


We need your help to make this happen. Every donation gets us one step closer to our goals.

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Learn more about this exciting community effort to revive the heart of South Williamstown.


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As you travel North on Route 7 or East on Route 43, suddenly you see a stunning, stately vision of the past and present, standing proudly as the gateway to the “Village Beautiful”, Williamstown, MA.

The Store at Five Corners is an historical building that had served the people in this community for over 239 years, until it closed for the first time in 2011. Until then, it was one of the longest continuously operating stores in our country’s history.

The Store started as a place to meet and connect with friends and neighbors while enjoying some refreshment. That is what it continued to be until it closed. Until its very recent purchase by a new non-profit organization, the Store had remained unprotected from development, decay, and even demolition.

Survey Results

An Overwhelming Survey Response by 134 Members of Our Community.

• Importance to the community (1 to 10): avg. 8.9, 54% at 10.
• Importance to you/your family (1 to 10): avg. 8.7, 48% at 10.
• Believe a general goods/food store should operate at 5 Corners (1 to 10): avg. 9.1, 73% at 10
• 89% prefer that the store be independent (59% strongly prefer).
*Results tabulated on first 131 responses

The most common things mentioned in the comments were the convenience of not having to drive into town for milk, bread, and other last-minute items, the pleasure of meeting friends there for lunch or coffee, and the sense of the place as a community hub.

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